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Roger Burnley, Empowerment Life Coach
Empowerment Life Coaching
In every coaching session there are specific goals created, and specific methods used to reach those goals, desires, and dreams. 
Below are the steps used, and the results you will receive.
Find Your Direction
You will discover your true desires, abilities, career direction, life purpose, and aptitudes.
Remove Barriers
You will discover ways to move through, remove, or use any barriers you might believe are holding you back or standing in your way.
GPS to Success
You will discover and establish your GPS to success, and develop a sustainable path with accountability built in, and you will be guaranteed to reach your ultimate goal.

"I love how the process is a cross between a creative journal and writing a business plan, complete with accountability and milestones. The process was cathartic and since starting the program, I have had an odd number of coincidences relating to music that I can’t just explain away. I have done a complete turnaround - going from a cold-hearted spiritual skeptic to someone who actually thinks the universe has a plan for me. I think that's in large part because of your instructions to look within ourselves and to be honest, open, and committed to change. Thank you for your part in making that happen!"

"The blessing is that it has given me the opportunity to meet all my self-judgment, look like a fool, an idiot, and stay and in the process and keep moving without any guarantee that I will have “acceptable” results in the end. It’s an understatement to thank you for your patience and guidance."

"Can you please pass on to Roger how happy I am that I found him! Thank God for his YouTube videos! His coaching session was amazing and my spirit is soaring knowing I have found that last puzzle piece ."

"Peace and respect brother .... what your tips have unlocked in 6 months is amazing."
"Thank you for the advice and continued support it keeps me growing and going on."
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